Victoria’s Secret Announces They’s Hired Ali Tate Cutler, the Brand’s First Size 14 Model

Victoria’s Secret has been desperately trying to cling to relevance in this era of mall closure around the world. It turns out that poorly-made, overpriced underwear isn’t all that attractive when it’s not next to the Orange Julius you’re going to stop at on your weekly shopping trip.

One recent criticism of the brand is that all their models are attractive, which is bad now because we want inspiring stories about trans runway models with no legs protesting the war on drugs or whatever. So Victoria’s Secret has hired their first size 14 model, Ali Tate Carter.

E! reported that the brand has had other plus sized models, but Ali is the largest woman the brand has ever employed at size 14. Let’s a have a look at what that means.

Hey, wait a second, she’s just a super hot woman with slightly thick thighs. This is what the fuss is about? There were a bunch of headlines about this.

I love that all Victoria’s Secret had to do to get all the woke cred they were missing was hire a slightly thick super hot model.

That’s her “not tryna be skinny.”

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2 years ago

The way VS forces their models to starve themselves, I expect her to be a size 2 before the show airs.

john chalmers
john chalmers
2 years ago


2 years ago

I can totally, unreservedly and with great enthusiasm fap to this!

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