Beautiful Brazilian Valentina Sampaio is Victoria’s Secret’s First Transgender Model

Victoria’s Secret is a brand in trouble. You might remember they recently cancelled their iconic fashion show, but like Sears and other companies known primarily as mall stores, the brand hasn’t really been able to compete in the changing marketplace. There are a lot of companies that make better quality sexy undies at better prices, and it turns out the being located next to Orange Julius isn’t a huge advantage when e-commerce giants are putting large shopping centers out of business across the country.

Victoria’s Secret has also been under fire for a perceived lack of diversity in their models, so they’ve hired their first transgender model, Brazilian beauty Valentina Sampaio.

Well, she’s not shy.

But she is flexible.

She looks good in lingerie, too.

I’m not sure this is enough to turn things around for Victoria’s Secret, but I’ll take all the Valentina I get.

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4 years ago

Creepy. Last time I look at a VS catalog.