Meet the Model the “Bagel Boss Manlet” Wants to Bone

Chris Morgan has really turned having everyone hate him because while he’s a tiny man he’s also a huge piece of s**t. He got his 15 minutes of fame by freaking out in a Bagel Boss about how no one wanted to f**k him, and I guess he thinks humiliating himself on the Internet and national television has increased his odds of sleeping with models, as Page Six reported he’s been trying to get Instagram mode, Sarah Russi to leave her boyfriend for him.

She said, “When I got there Chris was treating it like it was a real date. I told him I have a boyfriend, but Chris kept saying ‘You could do so much better.’ He kept telling me how famous he was and asked me ‘How does it feel finally meeting me in person?’”

I don’t know if Morgan thinking he’s famous, let alone that the fame he has is a good thing, is more funny or sad. Oh yeah, Russi looks like this.

Not exactly someone you picture begging for tiny misogynist dick.

Russi said, “Chris then kept texting me, but I didn’t respond. Then on Tuesday, he sent me this picture with his shirt off. I was like ‘What the hell? Does he really think I’ll be turned on and text him back? He doesn’t exactly look that sexy.”

While Morgan hung up the phone when called for comment, Russi added, “His problem is he’s got a lot to learn about women.”

I mean, I kind of respect him for shooting his shot.

But with this dude’s level of charm, he’d be better off trying to shoot three-pointers against LeBron James than scoring with this super hottie.

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Shawn C
Shawn C
3 years ago

She follows random celebrities on twitter then Dm’s them and then sends an e-mail to various news outlets to make it look like they are thirsty and shame them, Bagel Boy while crude hit the nail on the head when he explained what she did, she is a predator. She attempted to do this to the dude from EchoSmith when she followed him and Dm’d him and then flipped and and @ replied to TMZ to get a headline.

I am actually surprised you didn’t actually investigate the situation by looking at her timeline & past tweets.

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