Watch Paige Ginn, Youtuber and Future Mother, Fart Out Her Gender Reveal

Paige Ginn, known as “the girl who fake falls”, farted out her gender reveal. Thoroughly disgusted, but strangely aroused?

Not sure if fake or what, but still, watching a puff of blue smoke coming out of a girl’s butthole is not something you see every day. And why would you? That’s more of a special occasion type of thing.

Ginn started off on Vine, then migrated to YouTube and Instagram. She’s known for fake falling in public, you know, part of that whole prank thing. Isn’t that dead?

You should follow her on Instagram if you like butt stuff.

If you like to watch girls fart as a fetish (eproctophilia is the proper term, thank you Google!), here’s another one.

Just gonna keep putting all her butt stuff from IG for you to peruse.

She also has boobs.

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