Tyler the Creator is Super Pissed Drake Got Booed Off Stage

My girlfriend calls Drake “zaddy” and I call him “the wheelchair kid from DeGrassi.” A stadium full of people in LA just called him “some dude who needs to get off the fucking stage” and I think that has a certain ring to it.

What happened is that fans at Camp Flog Gnaw, Tyler the Creator’s music festival, were waiting for Frank Ocean to take the stage when Drake did a surprise drop in. You’d think this would be awesome, he’s one of the biggest names in music, but the Frank Ocean fans treated him like he was Phil Collins and booed him off the stage.

And who wouldn’t want to hear Frank Ocean, he’s like Mazzy Star meets an Adult Swim promo.

Tyler was, to put it mildly, annoyed. More accurately, he had an entirely meltdown on Twitter.

Yeah, Drake’s real name is Aubrey, I forget that sometimes.

It seems like people probably had a good time, all things considered. People got to see a great show and they got to boo Drake. What more do you want?

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