Emily Ratajkowski Turned Down a Buttload of Saudi Blood Money, Unlike Ryan Phillippe

If you’ve been following the news lately, or at all since, oh, about 1932, you’ve probably heard that Saudi Arabia has some issues with human rights. Basically no one has any, especially women, but the royal family has tons of money and oil so everyone kisses their asses and looks the other way when they murder a journalist and chop him to bits in a hotel.

Everyone except Emily Ratajkowski, that is. Fox News reported that despite being offered a six-figure sum to attend and promote a music festival in Riyadh, the model turned it down because she has actual principles.

That is integrity right there.

Ryan Phillippe doesn’t have that kind of integrity. TMZ reported he spent a good amount of time on Instagram defending his decision to put a glossy coat of paint on systemic human rights abuses and make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Armie Hammer was there, too.

Wow, a music festival. Pretty soon they’ll let women leave the house without a male guardian. So progressive. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a check to cash.

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