China Didn’t Want Their People to Know About the Coronavirus

With more than 1,000 cases of coronavirus confirmed worldwide and a death toll of 41 so far, the coronavirus most likely will be very difficult to contain. Though it may have been a little bit easier had China not arrested their citizens and journalists for “spreading rumors” about the virus online. Allegedly.

According to reports, the Chinese government had arrested 8 people accused of spreading rumors. Meanwhile, journalists were detained or threatened with arrest while reporting about the virus in Wuhan. Reporters were face to face with police at the Wuhan hospital in mid-January and taken into a room for questioning before being told to delete the video they shot there.

In fact, back in early January while the coronavirus was spreading like an STD at a retirement home, Wuhan was still hosting meetings for officials. They even hosted a banquet with 40,000 families to set a world record.

Transparency with its people has never been China’s forte and rumors have spread that the actual infection rate now is closer to 10,000+ rather than the hundreds being floated around.

Meanwhile, footage is being leaked out of China showing the gravity of the situation which is the antithesis of what the government has been putting out.

The hospitals in Wuhan look like it’s Black Friday.

Meanwhile, medical personnel are having meltdowns.

Then there’s videos of people literally dropping like flies.

武漢實際情況 已經直接倒了你信佢地講既可控可防?更新:武漢果邊話依家好多係直接暈低,前面無咩症狀,未fc

Posted by 安妮范 on Thursday, January 23, 2020

On the brightside, the coronavirus is basically similar to the common cold. If you’re young and healthy, you’ll probably live through it. But, like most viruses, older people are hit the hardest. Most who have died were between 55 and 87 years old. It also doesn’t help that the incubation period is 2 weeks so during that time, you’re probably infecting everyone around you.

China isn’t taking any chances either. They’ve closed down Wuhan along with 13 other cities, canceled all events for Chinese New Year, Shanghai Disney and part of the Great Wall have been closed down and they’re trying to construct a 1,000-bed hospital within a week.

With all the sickness going around, it’s probably wise to stay home. I’m very lucky in that regard. I have neither friends nor a life so that’s basically a Monday. Or Friday. Or any day of the week, really.

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