Tekashi69 Wants Out of Prison So He Doesn’t Get Shanked in the Shower

YouTube / Tekiashi69

Tekashi69 turned down witness protection after he sang like a canary and snitched on his entire gang after getting pinched, and he clearly had not thought that through. After like, a day or so in prison, he’s petitioning the court for house arrested because, according to TMZ, the prison he’s in now is just lousy with Nine Trey Gangster Bloods. I’m kind of imagining it like the section of Watchmen where Rorschach is in prison, but the other prisoners are definitely not locked in there with SixNine.

Tekashi’s lawyer, Lance Lazzaro, just filed docs, obtained by TMZ, asking the judge to allow him to serve the rest of his 24-month sentence under home confinement or in a community correctional facility.

6ix9ine claims his safety is seriously at risk because he ratted on the Nine Trey Gangster Bloods, and he says the private jail he’s currently in is chock-full of Blood gang members.

Since all that pre-trial time counts as time served, he’s only got a few months left in prison, really.

If you ask me, he should have considered this before he dropped a dime on all of his friends. And before he turned down witness protection because he wanted to stay famous. And before he got those dumbass face tattoos.

That’s really the worst one. Kids, if you’re going to piss off a violent street gang, don’t get tattoos on your face that make it so everyone in the world can identify you no matter what you do to change your look.

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