Tekashi 6ix9ine is Being Sued For That Sex Tape He Made With a 13-Year-Old

We spend so much time talking about Tekashi 6ix9ine being a snitch and having just the dumbest, most basic face tattoos (to the extent that a face tattoo can be basic, 69 in a gothic font is pretty much the pumpkin spice latte of face tattoos) that we don’t often talk about his work as a convicted child pornographer. You would think that be the first thing anyone mentions about him in any article about him, but it rarely comes up.

Well, it’s come up now as the 13-year-old Tekashi and Tay Milly made a sex tape of is suing him, as reported by Page Six.

“By reason of her age, and being given drugs and alcohol which caused her to be in an impaired mental state without her knowledge, permission or consent, the plaintiff was incapable of consenting to the recording,” the suit says.

And even more, “As an internationally known rap and hip hop artist and performer, defendant Hernandez uploaded [the videos] onto various social media accounts on the internet with the intention and expectation that millions of people would view the videos,” the court papers claim.

Tekashi’s “conduct against the plaintiff was intentional, malicious and done for the purpose of causing the plaintiff to suffer humiliation, mental anguish and emotional distress,” the suit charges.

By the way, I got suspended from Twitter for saying something mean about Margaret Thatcher, a woman who has been dead for a decade, while 6ix9ine uploaded literal child pornography and he has a verified checkmark.

Jane Doe is suing for “unspecified damages” and you have to imagine Tekashi is regretting his decision not to go into witness protection. They could have layered those idiotic face tattoos off and set him up as a gas station attendant in Burnt Scrotum, New Mexico. Probably a better outcome all told.

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