Joe Biden Kisses His Granddaughter On The Lips and It’s So Creepy

Incest is really having a moment. Probably because we’re seeing the maturation of a generation who grew up reading V.C. Andrews books. Seriously, do you know a single girl who didn’t read those when she was an emo teen? At least before Twilight came out, which had a whole different weird incest vibe. Those books are entirely about siblings fucking.

And then there was Game of Thrones, which was almost based around making you want to see a crazy person f**k her nephew. And then she did and it was super hot.

Even Senator Ted Cruz, essentially an unfuckable tub of oil in a human suit, is totally into incest porn.

With all this super sexy incest flying around, you might start to think it’s kind of hot; I am here to disabuse you of that notion with these pictures of Iowa caucus loser Vice President Joe Biden kissing his granddaughter on the lips.

Fucking yikes. Morgan Freeman didn’t even kiss his granddaughter like that.

And the worst part? This has apparently been going on in public for a while and we’re just noticing it now.

Even the Reverse Flash thinks that’s gross. That’s like, somehow even worse than Tom Brady kissing his son on the lips.

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