Snoop Dogg and Bill Cosby Have the Unlikeliest Bromance Now

Something Dave Chappell brought up in one of his Netflix specials that we as a society haven’t really dealt with is that even after considering he’s a serial rapist, he’s probably had a net positive impact on the world. He’s done more good than harm, and that is not a statement meant to detract from the fact that he has done immense harm.

Snoop Dogg is also on this page, and he was very angry at Oprah and Gayle King over it on Instagram. It started because King brought up the rape allegations against Kobe Bryant in an interview with Lisa Leslie (which King believes was shown unfairly by CBS).

Snoop posted several pictures of King and Oprah with Harvey Weinstein, implying they only care about sex crimes when they’re committed by black men, throwing in a “free Bill Cosby” at the end.

He has a point, pretty much everyone knew about Weinstein for a long, long time.

Bill Cosby responded to Snoop from prison, which is funny because Bill Cosby hates rappers and swearing and thinks they make the black community look bad. He’s more than happy to have them advocate for him when he’s in prison, though.

Snoop even replied to this with a “Love u uncle bill.”

Look, Bill Cosby did a bad thing and deserves to be punished for it. But I don’t think you can take his legacy away over it, either, and just pretend he doesn’t exist and didn’t a lot of good things, him being a moral scold aside. And eventually we’re going to have to accept that everyone does good and bad things, and neither one cancels the other out entirely.

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