Corey Feldman Still Thinks Someone Is Trying to Kill Him.


Corey Feldman seems paranoid, but ever since Jeffrey Epstein “committed suicide” I have to tell you, I would not want to be the guy with a documentary exposing rich and powerful pedophiles coming out in four days.

TMZ reports that Feldman thinks a group of powerful pedophiles are trying to send him a message.

Feldman says he called police after he returned home from a night out and discovered this 2020 calendar — titled “Wolf Pack” and featuring 3 wolves on it — waiting for him.

I honestly don’t know if this is some kind of mafia message or someone’s recycling fell over. Where do you even get a calendar in March?

I really want to believe Corey Feldman, but it would help me so much if he would stop tweeting in all caps.

it is suspicious that this turned up on his doorstep because he has apparently been referring to this group of pedophiles he claims to be exposing as the “Wolfpack.” Which was also the name of the babyface NWO faction in WCW in the 90s. Also seriously, where do you get a calendar in March?

Considering he calls them the wolfpack publicly, though, it seems to me it’s probably just a prank. Someone swatted Ariana Grande recently, too. People love to mess with celebrities’ lives.

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