Coronavirus-Fighting Nurse Asked The Chinese Government to Find Her a Boyfriend


One thing China doesn’t have is a shortage of dudes. If you’re familiar with China’s One Child policy, you’ll know that the preference of families to have male children through gender-selective abortion, giving girls away to be adopted overseas and… other things… has created a situation there’s nearly 120 mean for every 100 women among younger Chinese people.

Combining this with China’s stance on LGBT people (who do you think Disney is meticulously removing all those gay characters from films for?) means there are a lot of lonely guys in China.

So it was kind of a surprise to see The Daily Mail reporting that a nurse on the front line of fighting the coronavirus outbreak asked that the Chinese government find her a boyfriend.

Ms Tian, who shot to fame overnight, confessed she was surprised to discover that ‘the whole nation now knows I am looking for a partner’.

She said she wrote the note on Tuesday after being inspired by one of her colleagues, who had written ‘I want a boyfriend’ on her hazmat suit.

Tian is actually really cute, I don’t know why she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

The 30-year-old Chinese medic

That explains a lot. In Japan (which I know is not China, shut up) they say that women are like Christmas Cake, no one wants to eat either one after the 25th. I suggest you explain this theory to your girlfriend if you want to get punched on the arm really hard.

The nurse told independent media outlet Ren Jian Zhi Bei that she was hoping for a tall partner because she stands 5ft6in.

She explained that she shared the picture in hopes of encouraging the public to stay positive amid the health crisis and expect a better future.

That’s actually pretty sweet. She also said her father had treated SARS patients during that outbreak, but that was nowhere near as bad. I say good luck to Tian Fangfang and also I am very tall so, you know, look me up.

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3 years ago

Can you please hire some writers who know how to use English properly and who can actually put together logical sentences and paragraphs? This writing is beyond s**t.