Donald Trump Considers Pardoning Joe Exotic

Yesterday was a big day for Donald Trump, he essentially won his second term. Have you ever seen that boxing match where Muhammad Ali fought Ernie Terrell? The one where Ali beat him mercilessly and didn’t knock him out so he could keep beating him because Terrell had called Ali by his birth name, Cassius Clay, before the fight, and so Ali yelled “What’s my name!?” while delivering the brutal beating? That’s basically going to be how the debates between Trump and Biden go, only Trump is going to be asking Biden “What’s your name!?” and Joe will have no idea.

As part of Donald Trump’s victory lap, he even suggested he might pardon Joe Exotic, the subject of the popular Netflix doc Tiger King.

Via TMZ:

I can’t believe this guy is going to win 45 states in November, but he absolutely is.

I can’t get over how much Donald Trump seems like a guy trying to sell you a used car, though.

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2 years ago

You also thought Hillary would win.

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