Ayesha Curry Getting Attention for Her Before and After Bikini Body

Put down those Doritos fatty and gaze at Ayesha Curry. She’s been using the quarantine to get in shape for a non-existent bikini season. Check out these pics.

She Instagrammed herself in a green bikini top and bottom with the caption: “Took me long enough. 📷Β @stephencurry30

Hey, a little off topic, but I never realized she had a tattoo near her crotch.

Guess I should study these things more. In the name of journalism. Ahem, sorry, Journalism, with a capital ‘J’.

Don’t know if it’s the angles, but she used to be a little chubbier.

Is that wrong to say? Let me add, she looks good either way.

What’s interesting is that 5 years ago, she hated on people who do this exact same thing, meaning showing off their bods in skimpy clothing.

She tweeted out then:

Everyone’s into barely wearing clothes these days huh? Not my style. I like to keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters

Looks like someone’s singing a barely covered tune. Fall in line, this is how you get precious likes Ayesha.

Twitter called her out for hypocrisy.

Others were amazed at her transformation.

Me, I support Ayesha. She’s doing her part to get us through this virus, so she should be applauded.

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3 years ago

Chickens do this to attract roosters.