Taylor Swift Fans are Furious Burger King Made a Joke at Her Expense

There’s a lot of debate about which internet fandom is the most toxic, even though it’s clearly and self-evidently the “K-Hive,” or people who supported Kamala Harris in the Democratic primary. Beyoncé’s “Beyhive,” where they took the name from, was one contention but Beyoncé has redeeming traits.

Taylor Swift fans are really making a play for the belt with their latest social media campaign, being mad at Burger King because their social media manager made an incredibly mild joke at her expense.

Yeah, that’s the joke. Taylor Swift writes a lot of songs about her exes.

Once #BurgerKingIsOverParty started trending, a lot of people with Taylor Swift fans tried claiming that the whole thing was a joke, but there were many people seriously angry and accused the tweet of “slut-shaming” Swift.

Guys, I really can’t deal with this. I’m tired. You people need to calm down. Taylor Swift is just a singer. I know you like her; a lot of people liked Vanilla Ice, too. In fact, none of Taylor Swift’s albums have sold as well as To The Extreme. That is a fact, you can look that up, Vanilla Ice sold 15 million copies of that album and Taylor’s best-selling album sold 12 million.

It’s okay that people make jokes about a vapid pop singer, it’s not a personal attack on you.

Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em sold 17 million copies and Phil Collins No Jacket Required sold 25 million copies and both of those albums are utter horseshit.

My point ism the world doesn’t revolve around you and if you lose your s**t every time someone makes fun a singer you like, no one is going to take you seriously. No one defends listening to Phil Collins. People hide that s**t for their whole lives; people hide copies of No Jacket Required in foot fetish porn DVD cases because it’s less embarrassing.

That’s your future if you keep acting like this.

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Joe W
Joe W
3 years ago

Thats the trouble today… No one can take a joke.

3 years ago

Well said. Seriously, people need to chill.

3 years ago

Don’t want to be a joke, then don’t act a fool. TS, TS.