Will Ferrell is the Newest Seattle Seahawk

One somewhat overlooked thing about a massive global crisis like a pandemic is that even if you don’t get the coronavirus and you aren’t having economic issues caused by the accompanying recession, it can still be hard on you mentally. The future looks bleak and people don’t know how to deal with this, honestly. There’s so much conflicting news about the future and the virus that it’s easily to just resign yourself to not knowing anything.

What I’m saying is that it’s important to keep people happy. Vanity Fair reports that the Seattle Seahawks tried to keep their players happy but brining in Will Ferrell, completely unannounced, to a team-wide Zoom meeting.

As he continued zinging players, he told Luke Wilson to “tamp that s**t down” and “cut your goddamn hair,” but a little Googling shows that this Luke Wilson is different from the Luke Wilson that co-starred with Ferrell in Old School.

The comedy continued until he eventually took off his shirt, calling it a “yoga body.”

If Will Ferrell can do one thing well, it’s riffing in character. He and Molly Shannon have covered multiple parades in character as Cord and Tish and it killed, people loved it.

As for why Ferrell did this now, well, he and Seahawks coach Pete Carroll are friends, so Ferrell did him a favor to keep spirits high for his players.

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