White Celebrities Are at it Again, New ‘I Take Responsibility’ Video Even Worse Than ‘Imagine’

Twitter / I Take Responsibility

Please god save me from white celebrities who want everyone to know how not racist they are without them having to do anything that might impact their comfortable lifestyles. You know, the sort of celebrities who were like “Oh, I like Bernie Sanders but socialism will never win in America” and two months later were tweeting “Gee, I sure wish America had a leader like Jacinda Ardern.”

You might remember when white celebrities, from their mansions, sang ‘Imagine’ during the corona lockdown in an attempt to get us to hate them and the song ‘Imagine’ at the same time. Yeah, I thought John Lennon was deep when I was 16, too, but I got over it.

The newest thing that will make your skin crawl is this video full of celebrities begging you to tell them how not racist they are.

First of all, why the f**k was Bryce Dallas Howard explaining away police brutality? I can honestly say I’ve never done that in my entire life.

Look, it’s great that you want to do something, but white people prostrating themselves and then turning around and not addressing the core issues at play here isn’t going to solve anything. Police brutality isn’t caused by that Amos and Andy parody from 30 Rock, it’s a systemic issue that needs to be addressed with serious and wide-ranging reforms.

And look at the self-seriousness here. The black and white, the background music in a minor key… some of these people were on the verge of tears. What does this accomplish?

Next time just have a bake sale and donate the profits to Black Lives Matter like some suburban mom; at least that will provide some sort of material benefit to something.

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7 months ago

Celebrities? Who are half of these people?

7 months ago

Most of them are obviously reading something, not speaking from their hearts.

7 months ago

I don’t take responsibility. I have never been a police officer who beat up an innocent black person. I have never owned a slave. I have never condoned or excused racism. I have never oppressed a black person. (Well, my wife is black and she sometimes complains about how mean I am to her, but that’s another story.)   I fail to see what purpose is served by people who have not committed a certain evil confessing to it and wracking themselves with guilt about how they share the blame because the people who did do it resembled them in… Read more »

Joshua D
Joshua D
6 months ago

Don’t donate to blm. Find a better thing to donate too that will actually give to the situation. BLM is just a cover they give all your money to the democratic party. I mean how does that benifit. What a joke, no black person is ever going to see that money.

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