Keanue Reeves Brightens Everyone’s Day at ‘Constantine’ Virtual Panel at Comic-Con

Keanu Reeves will brighten your day. That dude is a saint. Him and Salma “I’ll Feed Your Baby My Breast Milk” Hayek.

Reeves participated in Comic-Con’s Zoom panel for 2005’s Constantine.

Reeves raved for a full hour about how much he enjoyed making the movie alongside director Francis Lawrence (this was his first feature film after helming a ton of music videos) and producer Akiva Goldsman. The trio talked about how the R-rating put a real damper on proceedings, since this was essentially a PG-13 film, other than featuring demons and exorcisms and the like. They discussed wanting to go hard-R for a sequel, though, which isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility, given that Francis noted that the film’s cult following still lives, and people frequently mention it to him these days.

The mere presence of his face melted Twitter.

Maybe he’s the one who should be running for president.

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