Ben Shapiro Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Disappointing His Wife Sexually

YouTube / Joe Rogan

One of my favorite celebrity stories of all time is a bit Aziz Ansari does on Dangerous Delicious about sitting near 50 Cent in a restaurant when 50 ordered a grapefruit soda and just could not understand why it wasn’t purple. This has only recently been surpassed by the ongoing saga of conservative commentator Ben Shapiro repeated accidental admissions that he cannot satisfy his wife or any woman sexually.

It all started with Shapiro doing a segment on Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s hit single ‘WAP’ where Shapiro was flabbergasted and concerned that vaginas get wet. In defense of his misguided segment, he tweeted a defense saying his doctor wife assured him that pussies being “wet-ass” was caused some sort of medical malady.

In short order, Shapiro’s inability to bring a woman to arousal, much less orgasm, became a part of internet lore that spawned hundreds of memes.

Seriously, there’s memes on memes on memes about Shapiro’s non-existent sexual prowess.

This next one is my favorite, though.

It actually kind of makes that song bearable.

Unfortunately, this tweet from Shapiro admitting to being unable to satisfy his wife turned out to be fake, although the sentiment is absolutely true.

If you’re not familiar with Ben Shapiro, his pinned tweet literally just says “Facts don’t care about your feelings.” Yeah, he’s that guy. He took a thing Neil DeGrasse Tyson said and made it worse,

Of course, Ben’s image as the “facts and logic” debate guy doesn’t really stand up to reality.

I have an interesting story that will tell you everything you need to know about Ben Shapiro, outside of his inability to please a woman and his psychosexual fascination with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. A while back, before he was really known outside of conservative circles, a friend of mine had a run-in with him on the Penn State main campus where Shapiro was doing a speaking event. He was just standing around on campus talking to students doing his whole thing and the thing that made him actually furious wasn’t any of the mean things people said to him like calling him Rush Limbaugh’s Mini-Me or whatever, what he actually got mad about is that my friend legitimately didn’t know who he was and had never heard of him. That’s who Ben Shapiro is, other than a guy who thinks about AOC’s feet while not pleasuring his wife.

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Yur Aloser
Yur Aloser
14 days ago

This piece reads as if it were written by a High School freshman. How about you actually debate Ben, I would pay to see that.

Steve Hansmann
Steve Hansmann
2 hours ago
Reply to  Yur Aloser

A blind marmot with a head injury could out-debate little bennie. He’s a young, entitled little reactionary pr*ck whose never had a real job one day in his life. And one of those jobs, by his own words, is pleasuring his wife, which he’s been unable to do, at all.

Jack Mehoff
Jack Mehoff
11 days ago

This whole piece is literally just “Hey, look at this thing, it turns out it was fake”

6 days ago

Yeah… There’s a difference between normal vaginal lubrication and having to replace your mattress every time you have sex because your girl can’t control her bladder when she has an orgasm. Needing a bucket and a mop or a rain coat for a WAP is not normal, nor is it an attractive proposition to anybody who is in any way sane. I think the truth is that you are somewhat jealous of Shapiro’s sexual prowess or more likely, jealous of his wife. She probably told somebody you know that she’s twitching in the bed for a half hour every night… Read more »

Last edited 6 days ago by Wow...
Steve Hansmann
Steve Hansmann
2 hours ago
Reply to  Wow...

Ahhhhh….no. Some women are much wetter than others, and has nothing to do with your incontinence gibberish, or the porn female ejaculation nonsense. Little Ben is a typical republican; sexually compromised, bent, and demented.

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