Ellen DeGeneres Treats Her Staff like Trash Because She’s Scarred from Getting Canceled 20 Years Ago

Ellen DeGeneres hasn’t recovered from her sitcom Ellen being canceled in 1998, that’s why Ellen’s  a horrible human being. That’s the theory according to staffers.

An insider confessed to Daily Mail over the weekend:

“Many of us have a theory that Ellen behaves this way as a mechanism to protect herself. She was so damaged when her sitcom was canceled after she came out that she chose to keep people at a distance in order not to get hurt should this show be canceled. Yet 17 seasons later it’s still on the air and she’s so powerful now she thought she could do whatever she wanted.'”

They call this PTSD.

I could see how getting canceled would make someone a bitter, unhappy person. Especially in Hollywood where you have to keep up outwards appearances and be fake and happy.

Plus, everyone in Hollywood will stab you in the back.

In other words, I get how Ellen turned out to be a horrible person to her staff and people around her. It’s the system, not her.

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3 years ago

BS shes mean cause shes an A-hole and a pedo