Kanye West Just Pissed on His Grammy

Until about twenty minutes ago I thought the most vicious thing I was ever going to see done to a Grammy was this clip from The Simpsons episode where Homer was in a barber-shop quartet.

Then Kanye West pissed on his.

Seems a bit extreme, but okay. I thought for sure he was going to get it on those ridiculous shoes he designed for a second.

Kanye has been on a tear on Twitter today. He also doxxed “Randall Forbes,” who I assume is Randall Lane, the editor and chief content officer of Forbes magazine.

Kanye is almost certainly going to get banned for that one, I posted a redacted screenshot but West didn’t redact the number.

Kanye also posted the full text of his contracts with Universal, which he did one page at a time over like 90 tweets because he couldn’t get the PDF to upload. Just link to a Google drive, Ye!

Kanye apparently thinks he’s getting taken by Universal, because he said he was “going to change the music industry for good” and asked “every lawyer in the world to look at these.”

I have no idea what I’m seeing but I could have told you that music contracts favor the labels without seeing West’s contract. It’s not exactly a secret that the money made by music goes to producers and executives and now c-suite executives at Spotify instead of the music acts themselves. Like, Master P has an estimated net worth of almost a billion dollars, have you ever bought a Master P album? Can you name one of his hit songs? Hum a few bars of anything by Master P?

He also posted a picture of a hoodie that reads “Kim is my lawyer.”

Might want to dig up her dad for this one, Ye, he got OJ off, after all. And rumor has it that was after OJ got Kris Jenner off.

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