Kanye West Spent Millions on His Disastrous Run for President

Running for President takes a lot of thought and preparation, and for good reason; getting on the ballot is nothing compared to actually being President. It’s not generally something you can just decide to do at the last minute with no plan and no idea how to go about getting on the ballot.

You know, unless you have more money than brains. If you’re a rich idiot, you can just find some consultant to do all the work for you. This is true of pretty much anything, not just running for President.

So how much did Kanye West spend after deciding he wanted to be president at the last second, after the deadline had passed to get on the ballot in a large number of states? According to TMZ, over $3 million.

Kanye’s Presidential run is a great example of why we need a government to provide basic social services instead of relying on the largess of the rich. Kanye could have done a lot of good for a lot of people in any number of ways with the money he spent on a Presidential run that will ultimately amount to nothing. Kanye appears to care a lot of issues and he has the phone number of the President of the United States already, his time and money would be much better spent addressing those issues by working with groups focused on those issues. But those don’t buy the kinds of headlines “Kanye West running for President” buys.

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