Cardi B Pulls a Chris Evans, Accidentally Posts a Nude Selfie on Instagram

Cardi B has an OnlyFans that she doesn’t get naked on, but she did accidentally just show all her Instagram followers her boobs. She quickly deleted it, but some people had already grabbed the uncensored pic before she took it down (link NSFW).

She’s not the first person to do this, and Chris Evans made headlines when he did the same thing recently.

Cardi is seemingly still partying to celebrate her birthday.

Her fans supported her in the best way possible, though; they got #BoobsOutForCardi trending on Twitter and posted naked pictures of themselves in solidarity. I cannot overemphasize how this is the best-case scenario and what should happen every time a celebrity accidentally leaks a nude picture of themselves, which seems to be happening weekly now.

That really says it all, I think.

As for Cardi, she seems to appreciate the support, as she retweeted a bunch of people taking their boobs out for her.

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3 years ago

That’s a man baby