Lily James Running Away From ‘Today’ After Snogging Married Co-Star

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In 1995, Hugh Grant got arrested for getting a blowjob from a hooker. He was scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno about two weeks later to promote a movie called Nine Months. Much to everyone’s surprise, Grant actually showed up for the interview in which Leno famously opened with “What the hell were you thinking?” The result of the interview was that Grant’s career didn’t suffer any kind of backlash from the incident and Leno overtook Letterman in the late-night ratings war.

Lily James is not Hugh Grant. You might have guessed that if you’d ever seen her acting, but I’m actually talking about her canceling an appearance on Today after getting caught with Dominic West’s married tongue in her mouth.

Fun fact, Lily James and Dominick West are currently filming a BBC miniseries based on the book The Pursuit of Love, and Page Six says he’s playing her father. Good for him. His wife even did the “Everything is fine, we’re stronger than ever, I’m definitely not putting ground glass in this prick’s meatloaf” thing Hillary Clinton did for Bill.

That Hugh Grant thing was 25 years and he went on to be in Love, Actually, a film my partner and I watch every single Christmas. Lily James should take her lumps and go and promote her Netflix series. The story isn’t as big as Hugh Grant being with a hooker and Today is one of the most softball shows out there, they’d probably just avoid the whole situation if James didn’t want to talk about it. She wasn’t even going on alone, her Rebecca costar Armie Hammer was going on with her. Running away from this is only going to make things worse and I don’t think Lily James is going to successfully rebrand herself as a lesbian like Kristen Stewart for a comeback.

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3 years ago

She’s British, so no one cares. Just show your tits in a British period drama, smile, and career is back on track.

Plus, yeah, I’d go there.