Is Lily James With Chris Evans, Hooking Up With Married Dominic West Or Both?

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When I heard Lily James was dating Chris Evans, my first thought was “Jesus, save some first names for the rest of us, guys.” Then I saw Chris Evan’s monster hog and figured she would marry him, who wouldn’t?

But Lily James was spotted making out with Dominic West, according to Cinema Blend.

According to reports, Lily James and Dominic West were caught snogging together while on a quick trip to Rome. The couple were scene “dining al fresco,” according to the Daily Mail when they were seen publicly flirting and kissing. They later were also seen sightseeing together on their little jaunt away from their working lives.

West is married, though, and you would think it would cause marital problems. If it is, West and wife Catherine FitzGerald aren’t letting on, as Page Six reports the couple are still happily together.

Dominic West and wife Catherine FitzGerald insisted in a handwritten note shown to paparazzi that their marriage “is strong” — and kissed for photographers outside their family home — after pictures emerged this week of West getting cozy with actress Lily James in Rome.

“Our marriage is strong and we’re very much still together,” read the note, signed by both West and FitzGerald. “Thank you.”

Well, seemingly.

Notably, “The Affair” actor wasn’t wearing his wedding ring and FitzGerald kept her left hand in her pocket. West, 50, declined to answer any questions regarding his recent Roman holiday with 31-year-old James, who is his co-star in the series “Pursuit of Love.”

A little on the nose that he was in The Affair, isn’t it?

Remember when Kristen Stewart hooked up with that married director and she got fired off of the sequel to the movie she was filming and became a pariah until she started dating a woman? Let’s maybe not do that again here.

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