‘Jeopardy!’s’ First Guest Host After Alex Trebek is Ken Jennings

Since Alex Trebek died, everyone has been wondering who would be chosen to step in the hole left by his absence as host of one of the most popular game shows of all time. We finally got an answer, and that answer is “no one, yet.”

When Jeopardy! returns to production after Thanksgiving, it won’t have a new host, instead of being hosted by a number of guest hosts who are, let’s be real, auditioning for the job.

The first guest host will be Ken Jennings, which puts a lot of pressure on him as the first person anyone will see as host since Trebek began hosting in 1984.

I’ve already mentioned this, but I don’t think Jennings is right for the job. The host of Jeopardy! doesn’t actually need to know a lot of trivia, they put the answers on cards he can read. It takes charm and charisma to host a game show, along with a buttery smooth voice and a lot of gravitas.

That’s why we need LeVar Burton. Variety reports newsmen Anderson Cooper and George Stephanopoulos are under consideration, and Cooper at least is someone I could see in the role, but come on. Let Kunta Kinte host Jeopardy! Bring Burton on as a guest host and see how much people love him. I am positive no one will be able to top him.

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