That ‘GLOW’ Movie Marc Maron Wants Probably Isn’t Happening

Netflix / Glow

Jenni Kohan has been the creative force behind some great TV shows; unfortunately, all of those TV shows started a slow, Game of Thronesian decline around the third season. Both Weeds and Orange Is the New Black started strong and then lost their central premise around the third season and started branching further and further out from what made people want to watch them in the first place until they dropped from critical and commercial darlings into shows you heard were coming back but never actually got around to watching.

Kohan wasn’t the creator of Netflix’s GLOW, very loosely based on the very real Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling promotion from the 1980s, but she was an EP and the third season of the show started to suffer the same fate as the rest of Kohan’s shows. The first two seasons were dominated by the ins and outs of the in-universe GLOW wrestling promotion, culminating in a show-within-a-show episode of the fictional GLOW late in the series’ second season. It was glorious, with just the right balance of comedy, melodrama and pro wrestling to keep people hooked and talking about it.

Then the third season happened. Following the cancellation of the GLOW tv show, the girls moved to Las Vegas to put on the wrestling show in residency at a hotel and casino. The pro wrestling aspects of the show all but vanished, along with most of the humor, leaving the show a husk of what it had been. The third season had Kohen’s trademark fingerprints all over it as most of the changes involved pulling focus away from the central characters of the earlier seasons and pulling out for more stories about the supporting ensemble, none of which were particularly strong stories. Netflix canceled the series because the COVID pandemic almost felt like a mercy killing.

Marc Maron started campaigning for Netflix to bring the show back with a two-hour movie finale to tie up all the loose ends, but Deadline reports star Allison Brie doesn’t think fans should get too excited by the prospect.

“I’m a little pessimistic about it actually happening just in light of everything that’s gone on this year and how difficult it is to get anything back into production with COVID,” she said.

Brie also added that for years, fans have also requested a Community movie, but noted that such a film has yet to come to fruition.

“So what I’m saying is don’t hold your breath because if it does happen, it might take a minute,” she said.

“Six seasons and a movie” pretty quickly became “six seasons, only four of which you’ll watch on Netflix when you’re stuck at home during the pandemic” for Community.

Luckily for GLOW fans, the series already has a pretty great finale. Just stop watching at the end of the second season when the ladies are on the bus for the trip to Las Vegas. It works as a series finale and you don’t have to sit through the third season.

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