The WWE Fired Zelina Vega Because She Wouldn’t Give Them Her Twitch Channel

We reported a few months ago that Vince McMahon and the WWE were trying to claim that they controlled not only the wrestling personas and character names of their wrestlers but also their real names and likenesses. It’s a pretty bold claim for a company that insists their workers are independent contractors and not actually employees like they’re some pro wrestling version of Uber.

Apparently, that wasn’t just bluster from Vince because the company seems to have let Zelina Vega go because she wouldn’t hand over control of her Twitch account, at least according to Kotaku Australia.

Kotaku noted that according to wrestling’s behind-the-scenes guru Dave Meltzer, Vega actually made more money as a Twitch streamer than she did as a WWE performer.

That seems like exactly the kind of feminism I would expect from the WWE, honestly. “Okay, no more bra and panties matches but we’re still going to pay you as little as possible.” It’s a kind of progress, but also it isn’t.

It’s really hard to see any way the WWE is the good guy here, and things are probably not going to go so well for Vince and company come January when his friend won’t be the president anymore. Andrew Yang has already said he “hasn’t forgotten about Vince McMahon.”

I doubt Yang will have much of a role in the Biden administration, though, as he supports good policies that people like and that is something Biden wants to steer clear of.

The bottom line is the WWE underpays and generally mistreats their employees and is now firing people because Vince can’t take a piece of the revenue they make from outside sources. I hear AEW is on Wednesday nights. Just sayin’.

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