Hilaria Baldwin Is So Upset People Are Questioning Her Spanish Accent She Quit Instagram for Almost 15 Minutes

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When I took French in high school, one of the things we had to learn in order to speak French properly was speaking it with a French accent. This always kind of made me self-conscious for some reason, but I imagine if I lived in France I would probably feel self-conscious not speaking with a French accent.

Hilaria Baldwin lived in Spain for over ten years and I imagine that she would speak with a Spanish accent without trying to at that point. Madonna started speaking with a British accent after watching like, five episodes of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, so it’s not unheard of.

People are really obsessed with how authentic Hilaria Baldwin’s Spanish accent is for some reason. I think it’s the excitement of getting that “Aha, you claimed to be from Spain but you’re actually white and you were pretending to be a person of color!” Except… it wasn’t even a year ago that we had a whole high-profile discussion about the fact that Antonio Banderas, a Spaniard, is white and Hollywood was only pretending people from Spain aren’t white to seem more diverse. Hilaria Baldwin never claimed she wasn’t white, something like 90% of people in Spain are white.

We shouldn’t be busting on Hilaria for being caught up in being Spanish after living in Spain for a very large portion of her life; we should be busting on her for making a dramatic “I’m leaving social media” post and then posting on Instagram like 50 times immediately afterward.

See, Page Six reports that Baldwin posted on her Instagram story that she was going to “sign off for a long time,” and that long time ended up being something like 15 minutes before she was back to posting pictures of her 37 kids.

I don’t know about you, but I find that level of social media addiction way funnier that’s someone who grew up in Spain calling herself Spanish.

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