Angelina Jolie Went Out in Public in a Shirt so Sheer She Was Basically Topless


Before Ruby Rose came along, every bisexual girl you knew had the hots for Angelina Jolie. I don’t know why it’s a phenomenon, but it definitely seems like large swaths of bisexual women get infatuated with someone in a way that other groups don’t. There isn’t really a similar thing among male bisexuals or any other group that I’ve noticed, but it’s definitely a thing with bi ladies, and it’s definitely Angelina Jolie and Ruby Rose. I think it’s because they caused sexual awakenings in a way that’s unique to that group.

A lot of people are going to get to relive those sexual awakenings because Angelina Jolie is basically going out in public naked.

Shefinds pointed out that Jolie went on a recent shopping trip in a shirt that did less to hide her nipples than her mask.

For $255, you’d think the designers could make it out of thicker fabric or at the very least throw in some nipple pasties to avoid this kind of embarrassment.

I mean, that’s assuming Jolie didn’t see that her shirt was completely see-through before leaving the house and just went “yeah, that’s fine.” The woman did wear a necklace made out of Billy Bob Thornton’s blood, after all, her taste in fashion is questionable.

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Bi for Jolie
Bi for Jolie
3 years ago

How are you posting a story about this yet not producing the goods!!! Show us!

3 years ago

She had both of her breasts surgically and prophylactically removed and reconstructed to prevent contracting the cancer that killed her mother. In fact, when I spell-checked prophylactically on Google, guess whose picture appeared next to the definition? Her example is a godsend to women who fear the disease. If she feels beautiful and confident after going through all of those, more power to her. Let her wear what she likes.

Who the hell are you to judge her?