I Need to Know Where I Can Buy That ‘Caucasians’ T-Shirt Mocking the Redskins That’s Going Viral

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The NFL regular season is over and we’re heading to the Division Championship weekend of the playoffs, but the Washington Redskins have still not chosen a new name and are still going by the name Washington Football Team. It’s worth mentioning that the Kansas City Chiefs are probably going to win the Super Bowl again this year and they should start thinking of new team names as soon as they do.

Even though Washington hasn’t gone by the name Redskins all season, people aren’t going to move on until they do, and a burgundy and gold Caucasians t-shirt going viral this week proves that.

I actually kind of want one. This is not the first time that someone has gotten attention for this type of parody; back when The Daily Show was still funny, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert reported on the University of Northern Colorado’s intramural basketball team The Fightin’ Whites, which was directly based on a local high school team whose mascot was The Fightin’ Reds, but also meant to bring attention to the use of Native Americans as sports mascots. Sales of Fightin’ Whites t-shirts were so high that they eventually set up a sizable scholarship for minority students with the proceeds.

Also, the team name Washington Raving Band of White Lunatics sounds fairly appropriate after last week. Or, you know, maybe The Fighting Irish.

While Washington thinks of a new team name, if you want a Caucasians shirt before it’s too late, they sell them on teepublic. You can also get one in red and gold if you want it to stay relevant until the Chiefs change their name.

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