Meghan McCain Was Completely Scandalized By The Idea That People Masturbate

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Before she was the toke Republican on The View, Meghan McCain’s personal brand was basically “I may be a Republican but I’m still a slut!” Despite the fact that no one really ever called her a slut, she leaned into it. Adult Swim’s adaptation of Shin-Chan even had a segment where Shin and his friends Georgie and Boo go on a date with some “Meghan McCain Republicans.”

That brand clearly didn’t work for her, and she switched her thing from “I hate poor people but I love dick” to “Do you know who my father is?”

But now McCain, who once co-wrote a book called America, You Sexy Bitch, is scandalized by sex the way people were once scandalized by McCain having boobs on Twitter.

Basically, the cast of the show was commiserating on Regé-Jean Page not returning to Netflix’s Bridgerton for its second season, because he got them all lubed up for their husbands and/or their vibrators. You’d think Whoopi Goldberg owned stock in a vibrator company the way she was pushing them.

This, as reported by Decider, caused Meghan McCain to turn even whiter and pass out on her fainting couch, needing to be revived with smelling salts.

Notably silent in all the Bridgerton talk was McCain, who has never watched the show — and after today’s segment, probably never will. “I was going to tell everyone to please watch Yellowstone,” she said. “None of you guys are watching and it’s a fantastic, Western, sexy cowboy show.

“I really appreciate the fact that your sex life apparently has a lot to do with Bridgerton, and I’m confused. That was not the topic that was pitched this morning, that was not what I agreed to talk about on air,” McCain continued. “Meghan does not want any more topics like this, please.”

In one last protest, McCain told her co-hosts, “My mother watches this show!” But Haines was quick to reply, “She knows, you have a baby!”

In just over ten years McCain has gone from “How dare you slut-shame me for being a sexy, busty young lass?” to the woman who says “Why I never!” in all of the Marx Brothers’ movies. It’s pretty impressive.

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