Meghan McCain’s Husband Had a Meltdown in the Face of Light Criticism From Seth Meyers

It takes a special kind of moron to get owned by a late-night talk show host. You’re basically getting schooled by someone who gets paid to drown out the sounds of old people having sex in case their kids get up to pee. And that’s exactly what happened to Meghan McCain

Considering that Meghan is only famous for being a fat slut who hates poor people, I think Seth went easier on her. For example, he didn’t say the thing I just said.

Man, look at the kid gloves he used with her. McCain basically said that a sitting US Congresswoman was an anti-semite and responsible for a terrorist attack because she said the Israeli army should stop murdering children and Meyers was like “do you think you might have been a little harsh?”

McCain’s husband freaked the f**k out about this, however. He later deleted the tweets when everyone pointed out he sounded like a homophobic alt-right nutbar, but luckily former Jimmy Kimmel writer and current Struggle Session host Jack Allison was kind enough to reup said tweets.

I love the implication that criticizing Meghan McCain is anti-semitic. She’s not even Jewish, so if anything it’s slut shaming.

By the way, here’s another tweet McCain’s husband deleted.

Of course, Domenech apologized. Kind of.

Yeah Ben, we all think Seth Meyers is a hack, that’s why he’s hosting a late night TV show. That’s basically the only qualification. But you’ve said meaner things about Meghan and honestly, I’ve read your Twitter feed, you should wish you were talented enough to be a hack.

Oh, did you know Meghan McCain is John McCain’s daughter? She never brings that up constantly.

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