People are Being Super Racist to the New ‘iCarly’ Cast Member

Jennette McCurdy hated acting and doesn’t want to do it anymore. She looks back at her time on iCarly and Sam and Kat and is embarrassed by it. Still, a lot of people loved it, it was one of those shows that stood out among a sea of long-forgotten family sitcoms for tweens.

iCarly was so popular that it’s getting a new season on Paramount Plus, the streaming service formerly known as CBS All Access, now that they’ve finally learned they need more content than a new Star Trek that isn’t very good and the five most recent episodes of Young Sheldon to have a streaming service.

The iCarly reboot is set ten years after the original series, and something had to be done about the fact that Jennette McCurdy wanted nothing to do with the show. So Carly has a new best friend, Harper, played by Lacy Mosley.

Some fans of the show were not happy about that change and took it out on Mosley, sending her racial abuse like calling her the n-word, something Miranda Cosgrove and Paramount spoke out about.

I get that there’s some contention about networks being woke, with ABC specifically seeming to drop the ball with their efforts to diversify leading to a fall schedule that has failed to generate much buzz in spite of its increased diversity. The only thing people are talking about is how Queens seems like the drama version of Tina Fey’s Girls5Eva, a dynamic that didn’t work so well for Aaron Sorkin’s Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip when it started the same season as 30 Rock.

It isn’t like Paramount told McCurdy to pound sand because the cast wasn’t diverse enough, I can see how that would spark a backlash. It would still be stupid and unacceptable, but the misdirected anger would at least be somewhat understandable. By all reports, Paramount practically begged McCurdy to come back and she said no, why attack the poor actress who has to join the cast under those circumstances?

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2 years ago

hollyweird is just continuing the devils satanic agenda from the last 60 years or so of brainwashing kids and people into thinking this filth is normal and ok. This is all predicted in the Bible and it is happening in our time before our eyes. hollyweird is a puppet of the devil, and spreading lies, filth, immorality, perversion, and all things evil is their agenda. The disgraceful remake of “One Day at a Time” is another example. Exactly the same agenda as the liberals/democrats.

Last edited 2 years ago by Barney