That Leaked CW ‘Powerpuff’ Script Can’t Be Real, Can It?

Powerpuff Girls

A few days ago, portions of a script alleged to be from the CW’s troubled live-action Powerpuff Girls reboot surfaced, and I thought there was no way they were real.

Not only is that insane and terrible, it’s a little too on the nose to how Riverdale rebooted Archie for it not to be made up, right? The use of “triggering” alone is such a meme, you’d have to be some sad Gen Xers trying desperately to be accepted by teenagers to write something like that.

Oh, Diablo Cody, wrote it, you say? Well, that still doesn’t prove anything.

Okay, so it got removed from Twitter because of a copyright claim. That still doesn’t prove anything. Really, you could technically have any kind of fan fiction removed on a copyright claim because you own the characters.

The CW’s head honcho Mark Pedowitz had called the pilot they passed on “too campy” and not “grounded in reality,” though, and, well…

Look, I don’t know who would write a 61-page script as a gag. I can’t explain that one. I’m running out of reasonable explanations.

You want Occam’s Razor? This is probably Diablo Cody’s attempt to write a Powerpuff Girls script in the vein of Riverdale. She either lacks the talent of Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa for making this kind of stupidity seem compelling or she lacks the interest in making something for the CW’s style and is sort of intentionally taking the piss. I have a lot of trouble believing she sat down, wrote this, and thought “This is as good a script as I can write.”

The CW is kind of garbage, but it’s compelling garbage. It’s like fast food: you know it’s bad but if you’re honest, you kind of like it and it’s not like you were going to eat anything that was actually healthy anyway. This Powerpuff script was just… actually bad.

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