David Dobrik Smashes Friend’s Skull, Surprised at $9M Lawsuit

David Dobrik tried to get the views, but instead almost killed a guy. Now, he’s being sued for $10 million. When dumb stunts go wrong!

Former Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek claims hanging off an excavator while Dobrik controlled it nearly blinded him, shattered his skull in 9 places and made him lose income.

The idea was to have Wittek hang from the machine, while Dobrik took this multi-ton machine and shake him around? Those sweet, sweet views must’ve meant a lot to the now-unpopular Dobrik.

Wittek says the stunt was meant “to swing people around with a rope while riding various objects — including wakeboards.”

Notice Dobrik has his other squad members do the dangerous stunts, while he sits there and controls them.

The first thing I would’ve said was, why the hell don’t you hang from a rope too, David?

Per TMZ:

While he doesn’t list the specifics of his injuries in the lawsuit … Wittek has previously discussed what happened that day — saying he almost died — breaking his foot, hip, tearing a ligament in his leg and shattering his skull in 9 places. He also says he almost lost his eye.

Wittek can’t do much now, including work.

Wittek says as a result of the accident, he’s suffered wage loss, loss of earning capacity and racked up hospital bills. He’s suing for general negligence and intentional tort. He’s suing for more than $10 million in damages.

I don’t know where that $10m is coming from. I see a settlement in the future.

Wittek now calls Dobrik a “fake friend” and says their friendship is over.

That was Wittek’s first mistake. Thinking him and Dobrik had a friendship.

You never were friends, you were a pawn in Dobrik’s empire. Yet, even when people get used, they still can’t see it.

Wittek also said he regretted the way he went about talking about the entire incident in the documentary because he felt a responsibility to protect Dobrik’s reputation and career.

Wittek also said Dobrik never checked on him after his surgery. Maybe Dobrik didn’t want any evidence knowing that it would be used against him.

Meanwhile, Dobrik is trying to claw his way back to the top.

Sponsors have left. His YouTube channel hasn’t made money in four years, though they still get millions of views.

Oh, and some pesky Dobrik sexual assault allegations that caused his downfall.

The lesson is steel beats bone every time.

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