Elvis Presley’s Sex Life and Fetishes Revealed

Will Elvis Presley’s sex life be shown in the new biopic Elvis? If it is, it’ll make for quite an interesting movie for Austin Butler as Elvis and Tom Hanks as Colonel Parker.

Presley had quite the sex life: fetishes, threesomes, an obsession with 14-year-olds, voyeurism. Presley’s sex life had it all.

Elvis Presley loved virgins

According to the book Elvis Presley: A Southern Life by Joel Williamson, Presley would court virgins, keep the relationship going as long as possible, but when these women lost their virginity, Elvis lost his interest.

Ex-wife Priscilla Presley met Elvis at a German military canteen. She was 14 and he was 24. According to Williamson, Elvis “made love to her in every way short of penetration. It was as if Priscilla’s virginity was another thing that Elvis strangely and sorely needed to maintain’.”

Priscilla Presley also says in her own book, Elvis and Me, (via Daily Mail UK), that she begged Elvis to consummate their love, but Elvis wanted to keep Priscilla virginal, a characteristic found through many of Elvis’ relationships.

For the last time I begged him to consummate our love. It would have been so easy for him. I was young, vulnerable, desperately in love, and he could have taken complete advantage of me. But he quietly said, ‘No. someday, we will, Priscilla, but not now. You’re just too young.

In 1969, he met a pair of virgins and couldn’t resist.

Joyce Bova, 25 at the time, initially met Elvis in Las Vegas. Elvis invited her to dinner, which she only accepted a year later. The two ultimately consummated the relationship, but Bova stormed out when Elvis told her they didn’t have a future. Perhaps because she wasn’t a virgin anymore. This after helping her install a “hotline” phone in her residence solely dedicated to The King.

Another virgin, Kathy Westmoreland, quickly became The King’s next relationship. Westmoreland, 25, was a soprano in Elvis’ Las Vegas show.

When he approached her, put his arm around her and kissed her, she confessed she was a virgin. Music to his ears.

The two soon slept together, but ultimately, broke everything off when Westmoreland moved back to Los Angeles for work. She did come back for one more shot, but Elvis didn’t have the same interest, again because she was no longer a virgin.

Around the same time, Elvis met Linda Thompson, then 22, in 1972. Thompson also was a virgin at the time. Elvis and Thompson (little known, at least to some, Thompon is Brody Jenner’s mom and also Caitlyn Jenner’s former spouse) dated for four years.

In her book A Little Thing Called Life: On Loving Elvis Presley, Bruce Jenner, and Songs in Between, Linda Thompson, one of Presley’s lovers, said Presley told her that he wanted to “preserve” her. Eww…

“I want to preserve for you as long as you need. He actually used the word ‘preserve’…

Thompson and Elvis slept together for two months without consummation, before Thompson wrote “[i]t was time to go big or go home.”

Thompson added in her book that losing her virginity to Elvis made her cry. Elvis held her and said, “Honey, don’t cry…Please don’t cry.” Thompson cried a little more and Presley said “You go ahead. You cry…If you want to cry, you cry, sweetheart.”

Thompson broke up with Elvis in December 1976. Elvis would die the following year in 1977.

Elvis Presley, the king of oral and foreplay, intercourse not so great

Williamson also says that Elvis was gifted in making “love in various ways short of full intercourse.” From Priscilla Presley’s book:

He worked his art of foreplay without penetration. In lovemaking, as in entertaining, Elvis’ outstanding talent was oral.

Lamar Fike, one of Elvis’ inner circle known as “The Memphis Mafia” and who introduced Priscilla to Elvis, opened up about Elvis’ sexual life:

His sexual appetite was very, very strong. The touching and the feeling and the patting and everything else meant more to Elvis than the actual act. ‘I guess Elvis was the King of Foreplay.

Actress Cybill Shephard was less than impressed with his performance. She said he “was a great kisser and very sweet, but not the stud that she had expected.” She also said the drugs he took prevented him from being “a natural man”. Ouch.

Shephard also said she took the macho out of Elvis, but that he wasn’t macho to begin with anyway.

And as Bova, one of Presley’s virgin lovers said, he wasn’t a tiger in the sack at all.

Rita Moreno, who dated Elvis right after dating Marlon Brando (mainly to get back at Brando for cheating on her), said Presley couldn’t hold a candle to Brando. She called Presley “a 2-year-old” compared to Brando. Comparing Elvis to Brando was like “amateur night” she said.

In 1956, 18-year-old actress Natalie Wood met Presley at the Beverly Wilshire. Both were hot for each other. In Elvis’ hotel room, he asked if she wanted see the dailies of his current movie. She agreed and they went to his bedroom.

Twenty minutes later, she stormed out, complaining that Elvis was “all hands and no action.” (This enraged Wood so much that she lamented Elvis would tell his friends she wasn’t sexy enough. That’s when she immediately propositioned one of Elvis’ friends. The two had sex in front of everyone. When they were done, Wood pushed the friend off and said he could tell Elvis she was the best f**k in town. Presley later started calling her “Mad Nat.”)

Peggy Lipton in her book also writes that Elvis “just wasn’t up to sex” and “virtually impotent” with her.

Elvis Presley was a voyeur

Presley supposedly also installed 2-way mirrors in his house, and did the same in his pool house of another home. He would allegedly spy on unsuspecting women.

This voyeurism spread to his entourage as well. They too would install two-way mirrors in the cabana to watch women change. When Elvis was dating Ann-Margret, they put a thin mirror under Elvis’ bed, hoping to see Elvis and Ann-Margret having sex.

Bova, one of the virgins Elvis met in Las Vegas, recounted talking to two prostitutes in the bathroom. Both talked about making love for Elvis. When Bova asked Elvis, he only laughed and said “I just watched.”

Elvis Presley’s fetishes

Over the years, Elvis developed specific fetishes, such as asking his girls to always wear white panties while mud wrestling.

Presley loved role play. In place of actual intercourse with Priscilla Presley, both Elvis and her would dress up as nurse and patient and explore each other’s bodies. Priscilla would handle, finger and probe Elvis’ body.

Presley also was into group play and voyeurism. Wonder if he liked being cucked too.

At times, Elvis introduced another girl into the sex scene in his bedroom. In this play, Elvis had Priscilla and the girl pretend to make love while he watched, filmed, and sometimes joined in.

The two would would photograph the sex scenes with a Polaroid (a relatively new invention at the time), and store the photographs in a silver suitcase. Priscilla bought so much Polaroid film that she would embarrassingly tell the clerk it was because she lost the last batch.

Elvis Presley also held huge mansion parties without Priscilla or his other girlfriends. Instead, he’d invite dancers “to swim naked in the pool and then join the guys in the many bedrooms.”

Elvis loved 14-year-olds

Presley first met future wife Priscilla Presley when she was only 14. Their courtship lasted seven years before they wed in 1967 when Priscilla was 22.

Elvis also had tickle parties at his Graceland Mansion with 14-year-olds. Williamson’s book says that Elvis would have a trio of fourteen-year-old girls in his bedroom for “pillow fights, tickling, kissing, and cuddling.” Elvis was 22 when he has his tickle parties. They also had a safe word, simply “STOP!” The 180-pound Presley would then “roll over and quit.” Interestingly, these games started when the girls were only 13.

Jackie Rowland met The King in 1956. She was 14, Elvis was 21. Alanna Nash writes in her Elvis biography that Elvis took Rowland to a theater’s side room to teach her out to kiss. According to Rowland, ““I had never kissed a boy before. . . . Elvis was a very loving and gentle teacher.” When Rowland’s mother caught Elvis, Presley told Jackie Rowland: “You know, when you grow up, you are going to be mine.”

Frances Forbes, yet another 14-year-old, showed up at Elvis’ ranch home at 1034 Audubon Drive in 1956. Forbes says that she actually met Elvis at 13. It wasn’t until she was 14 that he paid attention. Forbes said Elvis “didn’t pay any attention to me then, but when I was fourteen, he noticed me. Fourteen was a magical age with Elvis. It really was.”

Forbes, along with Heidi Heissen and Gloria Pall, participated in Elvis’ tickle parties. They’d last until 3 or 4 in the morning, which is when Fike would drop them off at home. The girls would catch a few hours of sleep before waking up and going to…junior high.

In 1974, when Elvis was close to 40, he met another 14-year-old, Reeca Smith, in Memphis. Smith says they had a few, long make-out sessions. Elvis gave Smith a Trans Am, which Smith’s father allowed. Elvis wanted Reeca to fly to Nashville with him, but her father disallowed it. Their relationship ended the next year in 1975.

Fike has said that Elvis’ fascination with young girls scared the hell out of everyone.

Elvis Presley had a Madonna-whore complex

Sigmund Freud first theorized about the Madonna-whore complex. Freud said:

“Where such men love, they have no desire and where they desire, they cannot love.”

Basically, a woman could be a mother or a lover, but never both to Elvis. When daughter Lisa Marie Presley was born, Elvis ignored Priscilla according to Williamson. However, Priscilla neither refuted nor confirmed that, instead saying “we had our own way [of making love].”

Elvis Presley’s sex life may not make it into Tom Hanks and Austin Butler’s Elvis, but this is what we really wanted to know about The King.

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1 year ago

Are there any adults in the room? Or just teeny bopper’s with low iq’s? This is got to be the most ridiculous, most unintelligent article ever written about Elvis.

1 year ago

retarded article.

6 months ago

Ridiculous?, unintelligent? retarded? This is all true, so if you describe this that way, then you’re describing Elvis. The commenters need to read up more on Elvis and accept the truth. There’s multiple references to his sexual behaviour on the internet and in books, as stated in this article. Your hero was drug addicted, fourplay/sex addicted, and obsessed with 14 year-olds due to being rejected by one when a teenager. He became stuck in the trauma of it. He was child-like mentally. This was said in the Elvis’ Women documentary. So you can’t handle the truth and it’s all lies?… Read more »