Kevin Costner’s Wife Nixes $1.4M Offer in Divorce, I’m Not Done with Kevin’s Wallet Yet

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Kevin Costner’s wife Christine Costner could be a very rich person, but she wants to be richer. She owns a handbag company and has $1.4 million in the bank if she’s willing to walk away from Kevin Costner in their divorce. To Christine though, that $1.4m will cut her off from some (well, in her mind, probably A LOT) of Kevin’s $400m fortune.

Kevin is trying to force my concession that the spousal support limitation is valid by virtue of my “acceptance” of these funds. I believe that Kevin’s goal is to get me to tap into this money, so he can argue that I’ve waived my right to challenge the Premarital Agreement. I cannot make this concession, do not accept payment, and instructed (the family accountant) Francis Shelley to return the funds to Kevin. Francis has ignored my instructions.

I mean, that’s smart? By Kevin. Lol. reports that Christine wants Kevin to pay $150k for a “forensic accountant” to go over his finances, and another $500k for his lawyers to “make him look bad.” Why doesn’t Kevin just slap himself a few times while he’s at it.

I don’t know if this is true or not, but I do know that when you say I want my husband to pay for my lifestyle, which includes housekeeping to cook for cooking for our children and having servants who do everything else for me while I sit around playing handbag dress-up, people are going to think you might be crazy.

And honestly, I think Costner should pay a bunch for child support anyway since he made enough money off Field of Dreams and Dances With Wolves that he’s mortgaged his $145 million compound in Carpinteria, California to finance Horizon: An American Saga. CNBC calls it “the first of four films set in the pre-and-post Civil War expansion of the American West.”

Costner says he’s been working on it since 1988, but no one wanted to finance it. So, he had to put up his own money for the $100m production budget on a movie no one will see in the theaters and maybe might watch on Netflix if they’re bored.

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