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Simon will quit if Sanjaya wins

By on March 23, 2007

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell has threatened to quit American Idol if singer Sanjaya Malakar wins. And he isn’t the only one who thinks Sanjaya is untalented, a fan of the show has gone on a hunger strike until the Indian singer is voted off. The unidentified retard has already gone four days without eating.

I’m always amazed to see people so captivated by this show. I guess I would go on a hunger strike too if I was a complete moron. Too bad I’m not. The genes this girl got from her parents was a real blessing. Her dad must have tainted his sperm with mercury and her mom must have swabbed her uterus with pesticides because that’s the only logical explanation for their witless daughter.

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  • 1497

    There is this online community that votes for the worst idol singer, in an attempt to poke fun at american idol. That’s probably what is happening here, people are purposely voting for the worst, and that is sanjaya. I can’t believe that little girl started crying when he was singing!

  • Sanjaya-Hater

    Sanjaya is the worst singer in Idol History. He/She is a no talent cross dresser who should be stoned and tossed in the lake.

  • Lolo B.

    Simon don’t let that kid get to you. He will be gone soon very soon. That group that is voting for the wrost will be getting very tried of hearing him very soon. Because if you realy listen to the kid he is worst than worst. Simon you have to know this kid just don’t get it. You tell him everyweek how bad he realy is and he just don’t get it. Hey simon maybe he’s deaf. That would help me to uderstand why he thinks he can sing. Hang in there Simon I love you and just keep telling Sanjaya he’s no good and please just go home. He has to wise up sooner or later. It’s all a big joke but it’s not funny anymore.
    your #1 fan
    Lolo B.

  • Diane Maher

    Sanjay is the worst singer I have ever heard that has made it this far. If the vote continues like this I dont see Idol making it another season. I know I wont be watching. Gina being thrown off last night was an insult to people that do reconize talant it was a big mistake but I guess the globel voting cant compete with us that just have a computer in our homes. Bring back American Idol as it should be. Limit the votes that can come from each computer and phone like other voting shows do.

  • Lola E

    Sanjaya needs to go home, on every radio and tv you here nothing about people liking him, so why is he still in? what dumbass is voting for him, that lil girl who cried, come one…this is a singing compitistion not a “whos hot” compition..Sanjaya if you read this…YOU SUCK!!!!! hello no one has ever said a goo dthing about you..listen to on air with ryan seacrest and everyone is tired of it now!! GO HOME

  • Moyer

    Don’t make a big deal. Don’t threaten to KILL him. That’s a little extreme. He won’t win, so don’t freak. Just, deal with him for just 5 MINUETS ON THE TV. THATS IT! Then, get on with your life. Tell your real friends that you actually know. And you really shouldn’t hate him, you don’t know him. You just know his singing ability, witch, chances are, is better than yours. He’s not a bad singer, but, I admit, he probably was supposed to go home in the top 24 if it went totally by singing ability. But it doesn’t. Don not Say you will kill him! Just say he’s a bad singer. That’s it. Anyway, it’s not his fault. IT’s everybody else that does vote for him, so really, technically, the actual people that you want to kill are the 5 or 6 MILLION voting for him. Not Sanjaya himself. Calm down.