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Adrian Grenier is undercover

By on August 23, 2007

Paris Hilton Adrian Grenier

Entourage star Adrian Grenier says he’s really hanging out with Paris Hilton because he’s making a documentary about paparazzi and not because he wants a smorgasbord of stds. However, the NYDN says,

…the heiress and the “Entourage”star looked pretty couple-y at her Malibu house party last Saturday.

Sure, Adrian. Making a documentary. I’ve heard that one before. That’s what I tell girls when I want to get in their pants. “Sorry, I don’t put out on the first date,” they say. “I’m making a documentary,” I reply. Heh heh heh. “About what? Uh, about… oh, shit. Gotta go.”

Paris Hilton and Adrian GrenierParis Hilton and Adrian GrenierParis Hilton and Adrian GrenierParis Hilton and Adrian GrenierParis Hilton and Adrian Grenier

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  • Whitmer

    Actually he recently made a documentary about searching for his long last father. It aired on HBO about a month ago. So I could see that one being believable. Maybe the guy just gets off on making documentaries. Either way, lets be realistic, with how big Entourage is right now, I’m sure finding ass to smash is not hard for Grenier. I’m sure snagging a piece of Hilton is not only NOT hard, but NOT worth the drama and bad press either. Plus at this point, it probably requires a wet suit and flashlight.

  • chewy

    I agree w/ Whitmer. Of all the women in LA, you choose her? Paris’ herpes lesions do not feel any different than anybody else’s. I suggest double protection.