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Update: Jamie’s getting canceled

By on December 28, 2007

Jamie Lynn Spears

In the beginning of ’ pregnancy, Nickelodeon released a statement saying they respect her for taking responsibility and that their primary concern was for her well being. Apparently, that was just to buy time to come up with a two part Zoey 101 episode called, Goodbye Zoey.

The plot outline is “Zoey is offered a chance to move to London with her parents.” Expect Nickelodeon to write an epilogue before the final credits for the large contingent of pre-teen fans. Something touching like, “Zoey 101 is going on indefinite hiatus because Jamie-Lynn is a whore.”

Update: According to the people below, this was already filmed and either this season or next season was supposed to be the last season regardless. I still think they should put that tribute at the end.

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  • mississimaeopi

    why must she be a whore???? cant you say she is “friendly”

  • http://mypurpleworld.wordpress.com VaFashionista

    @ mississimaeopi – b/c she IS a whore!

  • Miki

    LMAO. Hilarious!

  • Mia Powell

    Nickelodean should be a shame of themselve, If it was a little African American girl she would have been fired. And people should stop looking up to these little fools in hollywood they are nothing but assholes.

  • david

    whores are friendly.

  • sharifa

    um… that is what canceled means that she was fired but they are being very nice about it by saying that it is a “fare well to london episode” so to speak.

  • MusicPublicist

    Way to spell Nickelodeon you e
    EFFING IDIOTS!!! Jesus, hire some new writers!!!!

  • http://theblemish.com Victor

    Gasp! A spelling error. The world is going to end. PANIC!

    Fixed just for you.

  • Dustin

    “If it was a little African American girl she would have been fired.”

    And you can prove this how? Where is a past instance of this happening? Or are you just throwing the race card out there like Wesley Snipes blaming his movies sucking being racism?

  • WTF

    WTF. Like it matters, jamie lee did a good job in zoey 101. Why dont they make an episode, in which Zoey decides to marry chad. and Live happily ever after. she is only 16 or whatever, so what. that is the real world baby, people better accept the realy world and build a bridge and get over it.

  • JD

    Whores are fun.

  • steve

    Are you sure, because that episode aired in Canada in early December?

  • Rick Da Ruler

    Disney fired Beyonce’s lil sis, Solange, quick, fast, in ahurry potna after her bun in the oven was announced when she was 16 a few years ago. Do your homework!!

  • Asheley

    They already shot that episode before her announcement. It was the season finale.

  • Stop the Madness

    Boy you people are truly sick sitting here calling a 16 year old all these names. So what she is having a baby. Now had she had an abortion everyone would be calling her a baby killer, but she chose “life” as you loud mouth people always say and she is STILL wrong? I mean really.

    As far as her being fired if she was Black, that is possible. I mean Blacks have always received harsher criticism that Whites.

  • http://theblemish.com Victor

    Don’t forget whore. Baby killing whore.

  • http://www.myspace.com/godwell GODWELL



  • dorko

    Does this mean i won’t get to gawk at that hot little bitch on Nick anymore?

  • http://theblemish.com Victor

    There are always reruns.

  • BS

    what did beyonce’s sister ever do? Probably fired because she has not talent.

  • karen


  • karen

    lordy. and you don’t know how to spell f*cking, “publicist”! excellent.

  • Jess

    why the fuck is this damn girl called a whore?
    i think she’s stupid in not taking the precautions to prevent pregnancy but it’s not like she’s friggin sleeping around. has anyone payed attention to the average age kids are losing it these days? jesus, she isn’t the only sixteen year old having sex.
    she made an ignorant mistake, but she’s not a whore.

  • Jessica

    Yes, other 16-year-olds are getting pregnant, however, these girls aren’t famous, they still get called whores too, but no one cares about them. (Not to sound horrible or anything) But Jamie Lynn IS famous, she is a role model to young girls, and by getting pregnant she’s basically saying “Go ahead and have sex at a young age and don’t worry about protection” I mean, yes it might seem unfair, but she did this to herself! There’s a reason condoms and birth control were invented!

  • psweetkisses25

    i think everyone has their own opinons, she 16 years old, she is not a baby. just let her and her boyfriend have and raise this baby… jamie do you baby!!!! i hope u and your boyfriens have a happy family

  • Anjali

    OMG!!! Jamie lynn needs to get a life, i mean we all thought that she was goin 2 b a goody goody person n not like her sister, but you know the saying, like mother like daughter, only in this case it’s like sister, like sister, i mean i expected so much out of jamie lynn, but she just went w/ her 19-yr old bf, n did u know what. We expected so much out of her, and she jus broke away from that, but i mean who am i to say that to her, all i wanted to say it was wrong thats it, and though i can’t say anything bad about her, but i can wish her a happy and prosperous life, and hope she still keeps up the image for the little kids who love to watch her show…..Good luck Jamie Lynn!!!!!;)

  • autumn townsley

    I think you are treating jamie spears unfairly she should come back as zoey next season because I love her show.She having a baby so what its her bussiness I dont care she is a good person I belive why treat her that way its not fair! We all make mistake its part of growing up we all learn from our mistakes give her another chance. She the only show on nick I like the other shows are not funny they are boring. If you take her off I want hav really nothing to see.I want to know what happen to chase and zoey,micheal and lisa,logan and quinn also lola.Im a big fan of zoey dont leave me hanging without zoey show. Youll need to relax and calm your nerves.and let the show keep playing.For us young people.Zoey is an icon for allus young people.No matter what anyone this or say Im for you zoey.