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Angelina Jolie breastfeeding photos

By on October 9, 2008

Angelina Jolie on W

Angelina Jolie will be featured on the cover of the November issue of W breastfeeding one her twins. The photo is said to be part of a touching series shot by Brad Pitt.

Touching series. Sure. You know Brad just wanted people to know he’s banging Angelina Jolie and that he can take nude pics of her anytime he wanted. He’s basically taunting everyone saying, “Look, even my kid can suck on her tit. The best you can do is sit there with your hand down your pants chaffing yourself.” Well, you know what? Brad can go fuck himself. Or his amazingly hot girlfriend. Whichever one he chooses I guess.

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  • jerri

    No your ALL WRONG! we obviously don’t know what your talking about so i guess its because you’ve never had a baby yourself…let alone breastfeed that baby. it is an indescribiable feeling to be able to experience that and to be proud to say, “yes i breastfeed”. to me its a way of showing how much you truly love your baby and to take the time to feed them the way we were made too. not everyone is devoted to breastfeeding….so don’t even care. its by far one of the hardest things to do and i praise her for this! i think this is the most beautiful photo and people make it all out to be about Brad when they’re missing the meaning in thise photo…..true love.

  • Gary In Pismo

    You are right. No one is thinking like that. Angelina is without a doubt the finest woman on the planet, bar none! Motherhood changed her. Brad Pitt loves her. He has a tenderness and respect for Angelina that jumps out at you through the photo but, obviously escapes this sweat hog. He ought to sit back and watch and learn what it means to treat a woman like a Lady and not like some locker room pinup. She possesses a grace and dignity that is rare with actresses today. My advice to all: Enjoy her beauty and grace while we can. She epitomizes “A sight for sore eyes.”

  • Josh

    Okay, really. Why does the world need to go nutty over this? If it were any other mother in the world being photographed of this natural act, it wouldn’t be newsworthy. Instead,since its Angelina Jolie it’s absolutely beautiful. News flash, its beautiful when normal everyday mothers breastfeed as well. Oh wow, she’s BREASTFEEDING! “It’s Angelina! This is LOVE! This is…. /sigh.” This is… the epitome of media star attention whoring. Get over it America.

  • Dave

    I have a new idol to envy.

    That kid.

  • Dave

    Another thing, totally ridiculous to freak over this pic. She’s gone totally topless in several movies, not a hard image to get.

    Truly one of the most beautiful women who’s ever lived. If not the most.

    Her class and carriage add a lot.

  • LuLu

    Beautiful! I do not understand how this could be considered offensive in any way, it’s the most natural thing in the world.

  • Holli

    First of all…I have seen more of her tit in movies, second of allif I was Brad I would have been flaunting Aniston a whole lot more than Jolie and third of all…you are making this into a sexual thing which breast feeding is not!!! Also let me just say that this is not the first time a woman has been on the cover of a magazine breastfeeding. It was done in a Parenting magazine and a lot of people were pissed about it, but you know what the next issue the magazine filled the first 2-3 pages with pics of women breastfeeding their babys!!!! I see nothing wrong with it…obviously you were bottle fed!

  • devesh matherhelia

    look at her beauty .why the heck are u guys after such cheap things.her tits are so minute and small.she is nothing compared to my pamela didi and anna nicole didi

  • devesh matherhelia

    maal to meri salma didi lag rahi hain

  • coco

    Nothing vulgar in that photo like u guys r trying to show. its the most natural thing! get a life!!!!!!!!