Mariah Carey content with being a fatass | The Blemish

Mariah Carey content with being a fatass

By on June 8, 2009

mariah carey nick canon

Mariah Carey is rich, famous and now 15 pounds heavier because she’s been stuffing her face for who knows how long.

“Mariah loves food. Right now she’s making an album and eating everything and anything she wants. She has put on about 15 pounds, but she loves the curves,” said our source. Our tipster adds, “She’ll definitely tone up again when she releases her album, but as of now, she’s stuffing her face.”

At least, everyone hopes so. No one wants another Kelly Clarkson on their hands. Try getting that girl on stage without a snack first. I’m surprised the fat hasn’t pressed up against her vocal cords by now and changed her voice completely.

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  • mary rebecca

    I think Mariah looks absolutely stunning, and her curves are very flattering, unlike Kelly Clarkson’s… rail-thin is wayy out

  • Stephareeno

    Can someone please explain to me how this is considered fat?

  • oscar

    Of course she’s fat for Hollywood standards, yet I absolutely fuck the shit out of her cuz for the average man she’s hot, legs, tits and ass it’s all I need XD

  • Meres

    She is not fat at all. Whoever wrote this is a horrible, vapid person. Stop spreading your hateful vitriol and poisoning women’s minds.

  • FuckYou

    FATASS? Are you serious? Get your eyes checked. Oh and what the fuck do you look like?

  • XCUZEme

    Mariah Carey is gorgeous & absolutely stunning…unlike that fat ass skank Kelly Clarkson. ughh I hate that whore, she’s definitley a porker.

  • CJ

    I can only hope that Mariah is the new fat. Because she’s fuckin’ gorgeous. How did Nick Cannon pull that off again?