Miley Cyrus is in Miami | The Blemish

Miley Cyrus is in Miami

By on December 3, 2009

God knows what Miley Cyrus was doing in Miami today. Probably part of some Dateline sting operation. I’m not falling for this. Again.

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  • anonymous

    Nip in photo 5.

    • what!?!

      What!?! Anonymous, you are a perv. And why is aol posting pics of a 17 year old in her bikini!

  • shane

    can someone tell me why she’s takeing her top off in public? Is it she is trying to be like other celebrity guest stars? I think so..Her bodies hot but her face is not only saying

  • Nico Toscani

    Yep, partially obscured by string but nip none the less. Too bad she has such a butter face.

  • aghast

    Americas newest little slut phuck soon to burn out and be forgotton. Her dad billy ray must be takin it n da azz to keep her in the spotlight. GO AWAY OKIES!!

    • David

      You don’t know what you are talking about.I actually know her and she is a wondeful person.

  • aghast

    E. S. & DIE.

  • David

    Miley was in Miami today becouse she flying to London to start her world tour.I was the Flight Attendant working the flight.She was one of the best passengers I have ever had.Great person Great Heart.