Cody Simpson Showed Miley Cyrus Taking a Bath on Instagram Live

If I know one thing about Miley Cyrus, and I don’t, it is that she hates clothes. Absolutely hates them. So it was no surprise that her boyfriend shared a totally candid picture of her in the bath on Instagram Live that was absolutely not planned and posed for hours.

Miley, like all of us, just wears lipstick and jewelry into the bath and just happened to be covering all the bits that would get her banned from Instagram with bubbles.

Page Six reported that things are going well for the young couple.

Cody has denied reports that he flirted with — and even kissed — another woman at New York’s Little Sister lounge right before Christmas, telling Page Six that the accusations were simply “stupid.”

In fact, the pair spent the holidays together in Cyrus’ native Tennessee, with Simpson telling us, “It was a great Christmas out in Nashville.”

I say good for them. It’s just really nice to see Miley with someone who’s not her dad; that was a real concern there for a while.

I’ve also just been informed Cody Simpson, like Miley’s ex-husband Lesser Liam Hemsworth, is Australian. Maybe after they break up she’ll split the difference between “hot Australian guys” and “creepy photos with my dad” and date Colin Hay.

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