The Same People Who Tell Bisexuals To ‘Make a Choice’ Are Mad at Miley Cyrus for Joking That She ‘Almost Had to be Gay’

You would think that the one thing that it’s okay to do is make snarky jokes about your exes. We all do it and I mean, what feels better than slagging off your ex in front of your current. And presumably, thatks why Miley Cyrus did it on Instagram Live. Via TMZ:

See, it’s funny because she’s bisexual and we always get told we have to choose to be either gay or straight (and generally told we’re straight if we’re women and gay if we’re men), so Miley was like “I thought I would have to be gay because men suck but then I met these abs.” It’s fine, right?

Not right. If there’s one thing you can count on in this world it’s lesbians taking the existence of bisexual women as a personal attack. Like if you’ve ever read a take about how Chasing Amy is “problematic” you should know that every single one is predicated on bisexual women not existing.

Dear Out Magazine: it kind of is how sexuality works when you’re bi. It’s easier to just say you’re straight or gay, even if you’re Hannah Fucking Montana. Look at how Miley had to explain she was still actually bisexual while she was married to Liam Hemsworth and then when they broke up and she started dating a woman, there was a lot of “see, bisexuals will never be happy with just one partner.” I have news for you, your bisexual former partner didn’t leave you because we’re all insatiable sex addicts, you’re probably just an asshole.

Miley clarified what she said with a statement but absolutely did not apologize, which is awesome.

The largest segment of the LGBT community is bisexuals, and yet we’re the least respected. And there were a lot of Twitter posts claiming Miley was only pretending to be queer for clout from LGBT people (and let’s be real, mostly L and a few G people) which is why a lot of bisexuals just sort of stay in the closet and identify as either gay or straight publicly.

Miley, we’re on your side, you date whoever you want. Just don’t take anymore creepy pictures with your dad.

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