Miley Cyrus Had a Sexy Christmas, Is Santa’s Favorite Ho-Ho-Ho

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You ever think that Miley a Cyrus and Ivanka Trump have a behind-the-scenes rivalry over which one of them seems the most like they’ve had sex with their dad without actually having had sex with their dad? Those pictures she took with Billy Ray early in her career certainly made them look like strong contenders for the John and Mackenzie Phillips Family of the Year award.

Miley has basically spent her whole life trying to ditch her squeaky-clean Hannah Montana image, and posing for pictures that made everyone think she was banging her dad was just the first step.

Miley’s new plan is apparently to have the sexiest Christmas, and honestly, it’s kind of working.

Women, take note, getting your tits out is by far the best Christmas present you can give.

She actually took a lot of these.

Like a lot.

The whip is a nice touch.

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