Jennifer Love Hewitt topless in promos | The Blemish

Jennifer Love Hewitt topless in promos

By on December 10, 2010

These are supposedly promos for Jennifer Love Hewitt’s show, The Client List. She actually doesn’t look half bad and even a little hot in these but there’s probably ten hours worth of photoshop in there. Plus, they strategically hid her lower half. She looks great on top but like hell on the bottom. She has the shape of a bong. If you filled her halfway with water, Miley Cyrus would try to smoke her.

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  • Djsaklfjalkf

    wtheck. she does not look like a bong. Shes a woman with curves and isn’t afraid of her body. You should respect her.

  • Carl

    She looks great.

  • Ya Mutha

    I think JLH is Smokin Hot (El Fuego)! I don’t understand why people say negative things about her? Yet the same people will make a big deal about Angelina Jolie or Kim Kardashian?? Keep rockin that body Jenn, too bad she won’t show full frontal:-(

  • ImNotTellingYou

    Why are you guys paying so much attention to women that refuse to get nude? “Topless” without nudity is nothing more than a cockteasing waste of time.

  • Thelonemonk1

    A bong??? That’s a slammin back porch she’s got!