Kate Upton Does Contributor Magazine | The Blemish

Kate Upton Does Contributor Magazine

By on August 2, 2012

Good news. is in Contributor Magazine. Even better news. She’s naked. Terrible news: She’s covered. God, it’s like this “squishy brick” doesn’t even want us to see her “floppy boobs.” I mean that only in the nicest way possible or whichever way gets me close enough to cut off a lock of her hair.

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  • Herman Bumfudle

    ok! kate! i admit taylor momsen is pissed at me. but i don’t care, and i’m not going to care. why, did you park in front of my apartment? what was that! glad you’re pissed.

  • Herman Bumfudle

    uh! this is kate upton! uh! uh! i can explain, maybe not.

  • Herman Bumfudle

    oh! shit!


    Kate looks better than my girl MILEY? TOPLESS that is,./ sorry i cheated on you with KATE>ouch!